Gutsy Starts Here!

Be a part of creating the “Gutsy Women Win” movement. A movement where we get gutsy and:

  • Rediscover (discover something forgotten or ignored again) who we are;
  • Redefine (define again or differently) what we must make real during our lives;
  • Reclaim (retrieve or recover something previously lost) who we are; and
  • Proclaim (announce officially or publicly) what we are doing.
  • Oh yes! and Celebrate (publicly acknowledge a significant event with a social gathering or enjoyable activity) what we have done.

Our hope is that through the connections you make, the support you receive and the inspiration you find in others and give to others, you make your visions a reality.

Let’s get gutsy and get going. Together.

What is Gutsy?

Gutsy \ ‘get-se\ (adjective):

1. marked by courage, pluck, or determination
example: a gutsy little fighter, a gutsy decision, a gutsy woman

2. expressing or characterized by basic physical senses or passions
example: gutsy macho talk, gutsy country blues, gutsy women win

3. YOU


Gutsy Women Win is dedicated to supporting Women Leaders all around the world.
You are invited to help create, contribute to and become
part of the “Gutsy Women Win” movement.

Pat worked with me for six months as my Executive Coach and trusted advisor. I found the experience to be very helpful and positive. With her coaching, I met my professional goals of communicating more effectively with executive management and advancing to a higher leadership position. In particular Pat helped me confidently assert and demonstrate that I was ready and committed to advance. She was able to provide a safe environment where I was able to talk and find my own solutions. Her background as a leader inside many different businesses provided a great 360 perspective. She provided me with some great tools that continue to help me in my leadership role. Several months after the engagement ended, I called on her again to provide some coaching on a highly political issue and through her coaching I successfully met the challenge head on. I highly recommend her and she is the best coach I have ever worked with.
Mimi Mengis, Managing Director, Union Bank