“Thank you for an amazing and rewarding weekend. The program was exactly what I needed at exactly the perfect moment and I got so much out of the program! I felt like I was in an “aha” factory with one “aha” coming after another and another and another! What a beautiful container for transformational change and for identifying passion and purpose.”
Susan MacCaul

“One of Pat’s biggest strengths is to cut through all the talk and get to the real issue.”  (See the full video testimony here.)
Denise M.

“Pat is an incredibly polished, engaging, and spirited presenter. I had the pleasure of working with Pat when she chose to speak to PG&E’s Women’s Network Employee Resource Group.  Pat guided us through principles from her book, Gutsy Women Win, while weaving in anecdotes from her career.  Her talk drew over a hundred attendees and elicited glowing event survey responses.  Many attendees shared how Pat’s talk had inspired them, with one attendee saying, “It was the kind of inspirational talk I have been hungry for.”  Several Women’s Network members mentioned they would love to have Pat give a follow-up presentation, and I have invited Pat to return.”
Maya Biery, Board Member, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Women’s Network Employee Resource Group

“Wow, Pat is such an inspiration.” ( See full video testimony here.)
Gloria Guzman

“Pat’s ability to lead team building and motivation activities during The Women in Action Workshop is amazing.”  (See full video testimony here.)
Madlen Mirzaian Saddik

The Bigger Game Workshop is a wonderful way to look at your business if you want to grow and be profitable.  I discovered where I needed to step-up and step-out and shine in my own business.  It was a pleasure to work with you.  (See the full video testimony here.)
Gail Guterres

“As a business women I find her wisdom really supports me.  If you want to get out of your comfort zone and play a bigger game, I encourage your to read Gutsy Women Win.”  See full video testimony here.
Rosie Bank

Advanced Praise for Gutsy Women Win
Gutsy Women Win inspires you to play big, get gutsy, and get going. Author Pat Obuchowski is the ultimate Bigger Game player and encourages us all to stop playing small in life. It’s time to get gutsy folks, and Pat shows us the way in this inspiring and must-read book.”
Rick Tamlyn, author, Play Your Bigger Game, co-founder, The Bigger Game

Advanced Praise for Gutsy Women Win
“I encourage anyone to get ahold of this book and whether you’re a woman or a man who has a daughter or a wife who wants to be more empowered or stand up more for herself this is a great book. It’s great for yourself and for a gift. If you want to be a gutsier person by standing up for yourself and allowing yourself to understand and use your own power, this is the book that will help get you there.”
Jack Canfield, Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and The Success Principles

Advanced Praise for Gutsy Women Win
“Many times, when you think of a “gutsy” person, you think of the flamboyant daredevil who hogs the spotlight.  In Gutsy Women Win, Pat shows you that nothing could be further from the truth.  Pat reveals that “gutsy” is YOU. Gutsy Women Win gives you the blueprint for living your life with more gusto, passion, and verve, and the permission to play the bigger game called, “Your Life.””
Dana Wilde, Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain and Host of The Mind Aware Show

Praise for Scrappy Women in Business
“This is a great read – insightful, funny, inspirational, motivational and totally relatable. Reading these stories led me to reflect on my own journey – the good, the bad, the ups, the downs. Everything I’ve gone through and all the changes that I’ve made have brought me to where I am today. We need to continue to be open to ideas and growth and realize that every opportunity is a learning experience so we need to learn from it. This book has made me realize that I don’t know where I will ultimately end up, but for now, I’m just where I’m suppose to be. Great gift for anyone who is still searching, in between jobs or really anyone who is open to growth.”

Kathy Zdeb, Hospital Administrator

Praise for Scrappy Women in Business
“I devoured the Scrappy Women in Business book! I really enjoyed it and look for opportunities to recommend it to others. I found it a fun read containing a number of comments that really resonated with me.”
Jane Divinski, VP of Engineering

Praise for Scrappy Women in Business
“I just started reading your book and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. After reading Chapter 3, I had to write to you. My career has been almost as crazy as Pat’s and I was able to relate to her experiences as if they were my own. The one thing I took away from this chapter is that I’m still on a “zig” of my “zigzag” career and I won’t be growing up anytime soon! Thanks for writing such an inspiring book based on real life experiences. Well done!”
Debbie Hachey, Business Systems Analyst, SCS – Sales

Pat Obuchowski worked with me in 2014 as my Executive and Leadership Coach. I selected Pat as my coach because I found her to be candid, insightful, and wise in ways that matched both my business needs and personality. I found her background as a leader in several businesses to be extremely helpful in understanding the political and business aspect of my challenges. I found my coaching experience to be one where I was provided the time to look at whatever situation was at hand from a different perspective and come up with my own solutions through her guidance.

With her coaching, I met my professional goals of refining and enhancing my skills in four areas: Team Development, Team & Leadership Coaching, Strategic Planning & overall leadership. Through in person working sessions, phone interactions, and 360 evaluations, Pat and I were able to achieve my desired outcomes.

I highly recommend Pat as an Executive Coach and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again should there be a need.
Steve Wasson, VP, Clinical Solutions, RelayHealth – A McKesson Company

Pat worked with me for six months as my Executive Coach and trusted advisor. I found the experience to be very helpful and positive. With her coaching, I met my professional goals of communicating more effectively with executive management and advancing to a higher leadership position. In particular Pat helped me confidently assert and demonstrate that I was ready and committed to advance. She was able to provide a safe environment where I was able to talk and find my own solutions. Her background as a leader inside many different businesses provided a great 360 perspective. She provided me with some great tools that continue to help me in my leadership role. Several months after the engagement ended, I called on her again to provide some coaching on a highly political issue and through her coaching I successfully met the challenge head on. I highly recommend her and she is the best coach I have ever worked with.
Mimi Mengis, Managing Director, Union Bank

Pat made the whole experience of being coached fun. At the end of each session I felt more hopeful and motivated to take charge of my goals and go after them. Whether it was helping me organize my desk or plan my next career move, she asked excellent questions and made me feel supported and challenged–just the combination I needed!
Melissa Lukan, Executive Director of CORA

Hire Pat. You will be very happy with the results. My organization, Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW), was looking for a dynamic and professional speaker for our Leadership series. I found Pat on LinkedIn and was impressed with her background. I immediately contacted her. I am so glad I did. She listened to our needs and developed a workshop that was fun, experiential, educational and practical. We gained insights into mastering our strengths as leaders. We invited her back to work with our Board of Directors.
Lexi Moriarty Asset Manager, West Coast at Equity One, Inc

Pat was hired to design, develop and deliver to over 70 officers an employee safety engagement training. She was given the vision and the deliverables of the project and from her first day, she hit the ground running. Her expertise and knowledge helped us to formulate a highly effective training session that included the latest neuroscience research in communication and collaboration methodologies. She was able to communicate effectively with all levels of personnel and completed the project prior to delivery date and under budget. I would, without a doubt, hire Pat. She delivers.
Nancy Duranteau, Organizational Consultant at UC Berkeley

I have had the pleasure to sit through two of Pat’s sessions, first when I attended the CREW event and the second when we had Pat come into our organization, Moody’s Analytics for a ‘Master Your Strengths’ workshop. Pat is a warm and engaging speaker. She worked closely with us before the session to understand the business expectations. Pat was able to quickly assess the audience and make the session interactive and insightful to suit our needs. During my brief interaction with Pat, she helped me think about facing my challenges, focusing more on strengths, and what it means to be scrappy! We look forward to having the opportunity to work with Pat again in future.
Vaishnavi Srisha Assistant Director, DataOps at Moody’s Analytics