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Get Your Gutsy Focused: Teleseminars that you can attend from anywhere in the world that will help you with both active and communication skills.

  • “Say ‘NO’ to Business as Usual”: Connect with The Bigger Game™ model. This is a leadership and social change model that has helped thousands of people find what their ‘Bigger game” is; understand their compelling purpose; learn how to leave your comfort zones and find the allies we all need to help us.
  • “Why me? Why now? Who do I think I am?”: Finding out why your fears (gremlins, monkey mind, etc.), hold you back and learning how to play nice with all those voices.
  • “Leaving comfort zones when they are no longer comforting”: What are your comfort zones and why bother to leave them.
  • “Making it Real”: Working on action steps and finding the resources you need turn your vision into reality.
  • “Her-story”: Get motivated to move. Hear inspiring women who have felt the fear and did it anyway.
  • “Tools for Professional and Personal Transitions”: Transitions occur at all stages of our lives and in all aspects of our lives. Learn the stages of transitions and walk away with some tools to define and live your values through these stages.  This will allow your next transition to be a bit easier.
  • “7 Tips on How to Be a Gutsy Woman”: Be more successful by learning to bend the rules without breaking the law.
  • “Come As You Are! Values Teleseminar”: Values are priorities. Define your values and learn how to invest your life in actions that get you what you want.