Our 10 week “Let’s Get Gusty and Get Going” Challenge

Through the use of weekly readings, setting intentions, worksheets, assessments, assignments and more, you will learn how to clearly define what you need in order to bring your one (or two or three) things to the world.

One-on-one coaching – Get Your Gutsy Going for the Long Run

Individual help with a professional coach to get you well on your way to finding out what it is you want to happen in your world and to help you get a solid start on making it a reality.

Virtual Group Coaching – Get Your Gutsy Going in a Group

We achieve more in groups than we do as individuals.  This three-month progressive coaching program is led by a professional coach with a group of up to eight like-minded women. These groups regularly meet virtually to learn together and support each other.


“One of Pat’s biggest strengths is to cut through all the talk and get to the real issue.”  (See the full video testimony here.)

Denise M.

Pat Obuchowski worked with me in 2014 as my Executive and Leadership Coach. I selected Pat as my coach because I found her to be candid, insightful, and wise in ways that matched both my business needs and personality. I found her background as a leader in several businesses to be extremely helpful in understanding the political and business aspect of my challenges. I found my coaching experience to be one where I was provided the time to look at whatever situation was at hand from a different perspective and come up with my own solutions through her guidance.

With her coaching, I met my professional goals of refining and enhancing my skills in four areas: Team Development, Team & Leadership Coaching, Strategic Planning & overall leadership. Through in person working sessions, phone interactions, and 360 evaluations, Pat and I were able to achieve my desired outcomes.

I highly recommend Pat as an Executive Coach and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again should there be a need.

Steve Wasson, VP, Clinical Solutions, RelayHealth - A McKesson Company

Pat worked with me for six months as my Executive Coach and trusted advisor. I found the experience to be very helpful and positive. With her coaching, I met my professional goals of communicating more effectively with executive management and advancing to a higher leadership position. In particular Pat helped me confidently assert and demonstrate that I was ready and committed to advance. She was able to provide a safe environment where I was able to talk and find my own solutions. Her background as a leader inside many different businesses provided a great 360 perspective. She provided me with some great tools that continue to help me in my leadership role. Several months after the engagement ended, I called on her again to provide some coaching on a highly political issue and through her coaching I successfully met the challenge head on. I highly recommend her and she is the best coach I have ever worked with.

Mimi Mengis, Managing Director, Union Bank

Pat made the whole experience of being coached fun. At the end of each session I felt more hopeful and motivated to take charge of my goals and go after them. Whether it was helping me organize my desk or plan my next career move, she asked excellent questions and made me feel supported and challenged–just the combination I needed!

Melissa Lukan, Executive Director of CORA