Pat was hired to design, develop and deliver to over 70 officers an employee safety engagement training. She was given the vision and the deliverables of the project and from her first day, she hit the ground running. Her expertise and knowledge helped us to formulate a highly effective training session that included the latest neuroscience research in communication and collaboration methodologies. She was able to communicate effectively with all levels of personnel and completed the project prior to delivery date and under budget. I would, without a doubt, hire Pat. She delivers.

Nancy Duranteau, Organizational Consultant at UC Berkeley

I have had the pleasure to sit through two of Pat’s sessions, first when I attended the CREW event and the second when we had Pat come into our organization, Moody’s Analytics for a ‘Master Your Strengths’ workshop. Pat is a warm and engaging speaker. She worked closely with us before the session to understand the business expectations. Pat was able to quickly assess the audience and make the session interactive and insightful to suit our needs. During my brief interaction with Pat, she helped me think about facing my challenges, focusing more on strengths, and what it means to be scrappy! We look forward to having the opportunity to work with Pat again in future.

Vaishnavi Srisha Assistant Director, DataOps at Moody's Analytics