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Co-creator Pat Obuchowski is available for interviews, private book discussions and signings, and speaking engagements about her powerful movement “Gutsy Women Win.”

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Women-Leadership, Power and Intelligence with Judy Hoberman and Selling in a Skirt.

Check out my interview with Judy Hoberman on Selling in a Skirt podcast, as I share that it’s time to choose your friends and business associates wisely and stop worrying about what others think.

Women entrepreneurs today are respected and admired for their leadership, intelligence and power. It’s not about telling everything you know the first time you open your mouth. It’s about sharing your ideas and celebrating your brilliance. Showing your smarts is something women should do, especially leaders… and aren’t we all leaders? Time to choose your friends and business associates wisely and stop worrying about what others think. No one can gift you power. You’ve had it all along… own it~

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In this Podcast, Ron Broussard of STRETCHYOURSELF is interviewing the Pat Obuchowski, the author of Gutsy Women Win. This podcast is a must listen to where Pat shares her 25 years of diverse experience and education to help her clients achieve their leadership goals, find their passion and purpose, and go from good to great to gutsy. This podcast is packed with the knowledge to help you bring awareness around the self talk and find your passion and purpose to go from great to gutsy.

Listen to Pat as she is interviewed by Neil Halley, CEO of Total Tutor and Total Education Network.

“Pat Obuchowski is not only a ‘gutsy woman’, she has great ideas to offer to entrepreneurs, and she knows all about creating success. I love her team approach, and she is a terrific interview.” Neil Halley and LISTEN HERE.

What does it mean to be Gutsy – Stand Out Radio

Pat talks with Leanne Mulcahy founder of Stand Our Women podcast about what it means to get gutsy, why we need to stretch ourselves to step into that which is calling us and where to start when we’re feeling stuck or frustrated with our current reality.

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Suffering is Optional…

A powerful discussion on:
Read my Lips with Bonnie D. Graham Host






Listen to Dana Wilde from The Mind Aware Show interview Pat as she gives you some tips about how to get gutsy and lets you know that those voices of self doubt don’t go away…you just get better at managing them.





Listen to Pat’s interview on Today’s Leading Women with Marie Grace Berg and learn more about The Bigger Game to be sure that you leave the world better today than you did yesterday.


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“Gutsy Women Win” utilizes the Bigger Game model. Pat discusses this model on the E-Women Network Radio Show on WBAP  NewsTalk 820. Listen here.



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Pat appears on’s Corporate Talk radio show with hosts Charlie and Eva. Listen here.

Interviewed by Lisa Amos for MidChix:


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