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As Dan Pink says, “If you’re not getting the results you want, maybe it’s time to give your conversational intelligence a boost.”

Judith Glaser has done much research and offers practical advice in her book Conversational Intelligence.

This Gutsy Women Win “Thrive in 45” teleseminar is based on her research, which builds a strong case for each of us to understand more about how conversations impact us and how we can markedly improve the success of our conversations to activate higher engagement and deeper commitment with those we converse with.

In this teleseminar, we learned: 

  • The good and the bad about how your conversations trigger neurochemistry in yourself and in others
  • Ho to be able to recognize and overcome the five most common conversational blind spots
  • How to consciously ignite new ways of thinking to access the best part of your brain 
  • Understand how good intentions go bad and some things you can do to make them good again

Listen to the replay here:

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